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Artemis was the goddess of chastity, the hunt, and the moon. She is often depicted with a bow and arrow and dressed in hunting attire. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of Apollo. The twins were very close and often enjoyed hunting together.

Artemis was a fierce goddess. In one variation of the myth, a mortal, Actaeon, was hunting in the woods when he stumbled upon Artemis bathing. He was so awed by Artemis' beauty that he could not look away from her. As a punishment, Artemis transformed him into a stag. Actaeon's hunting hounds did not recognize him and attacked, killing their master.

Artemis / Diana

Goddess of the Hunt & Nature

  • Home: Mount Olympus
  • Offsrpring: None, Artemis was a virgin goddess
  • Roman Name: Diana

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