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Olympus is a rare opportunity to see ancient Greek and Roman art on the prairies. Whether you’re an art lover, scholar, family with kids, or never been to a museum, you’ll be inspired by this extraordinary collection and the many different ways you can experience it. On now until April 17.

Relief with Nike sacrificing a bull, 1st century BC. Marble. Photographer Philipp Gross Koeln. center: Artemis, 125-150 AD. Marble. © Antikensammlung, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Photographer Johannes Laurentiu
Relief with Nike sacrificing a bull, 1st century BC. Marble. © Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, Antikensammlung, Inv. no. SL2.3-11 & -12 SK 1901. Photographer Johannes Laurentius.

Olympus: The Greco-Roman Collections of Berlin brings to Winnipeg over 160 ancient treasures from the celebrated collection of the National Museums in Berlin. Bringing to life two ancient civilizations, these statues, vases, and jewellery pieces span almost 10 centuries of artistic production. Come face to face with stunning representations of the Olympian gods: Zeus, Venus, Athena, and more. As one of only two stops in North America, Olympus is Manitoba's first major exhibition of classical antiquities in over half a century.



Check out an exciting series of Olympus Viewports for kids and adults. Marvel as myths from ancient Greek vases come to life before your eyes in animations, and explore impressive panoramas of ancient times built by the Manitoba LEGO® Users Group.

Mini Tours of the Gods_Zeus

Mini-Tours of the Gods

Enjoy 20-minute mini-tours of Olympus, featuring six of the most prominent Olympian gods. Complete our Gods Quiz, then come take the tour focusing on your god or goddess! Free with admission.

Current tour • Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Special Guided Tours


Join one of our tour guides for a closer look at Olympus. Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. FREE with Gallery admission.


Delve into the stories behind the art with the Olympus audio tour, included in the price of admission. Available in English and French, this self-guided tour lets you set the pace.

CBC FREE Audi Tour

FREE Olympus Guide


Pick up your FREE Olympus Guide when you attend the show. This quick reference leads you through the exhibition, and is your souvenir to keep! Also available for FREE is the Odyssey Guide, a self-guided mini-tour that features fun, interactive activities for families and kids.

FREE Passport


Get your FREE Olympus Passport when you visit the exhibition and related events. Collect stamps and win prizes.